The Cost of Free Security: It’s More Expensive Than You Think

Earlier this week someone asked me if the free version of security software from AVG was ok to use on their computer – compared to the fee based versions.
It really depends on how secure you want to be and the security features you need. The free version of security software has minimal security features. In AVG’s case it does protect your computer against viruses – but that’s it.
If you want more protection, you should invest the money to purchase the fee version. These fuller versions contain protection against malisiously programmed web sites spam blockers and so much more.
In a related noted Microsoft will discontinue its security suite, Microsoft OneCare, in favor of a free security suite, writes – Two years after jumping into the PC security software market, Microsoft is scaling back its ambitions there. The company said Nov. 18 it’s discontinuing its $50-a-year OneCare software in favor of a give-away program due next year called Morro.
AVG, Symantec, McAfee and TrendMicro all have powerful security suites – that one must pay for. I think using free security software is like buying the cheapest security you can for an expensive car. Why?
That exspensive car is your business computers. Isn’t it worth the $50 or so that it costs to buy security software to ensure it’s as protected as possible?