The Insecurity of Hosted Applications: Google Sites?

googlesites.jpgIt’s been reported by CNet that A researcher has found that Google’s JotSpot service, which allows people to collaborate on online documents, exposes user names and e-mail addresses to anyone on the Internet, but Google says the problem is due to administrator users not making the settings private.
When using hosted applications, ensure your data privacy settings are properly configured. If you want an online calendar, publicly shared, then indicate it. But if you want the information private, ensure you indicate so.
As you consider moving your data from a hard disk on a server in your office, to a server owned by someone else, ensure that your data is private and not available for anyone who does a simple Google search.
As more options are available to store you data – mobile devices, hosted applications, smartphones – you’ll need to ensure you work with an expert who can help you protect your data from unauthorized uses.