Whether You Build It or Buy It, You Need a Website

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There are still many businesses without websites. Some work around this by using email to send out information on events or products, and then having customers buy via phone, fax, email, or a stand-alone shopping cart page. It’s surprising how many otherwise tech-savvy businesses don’t have websites, and how many don’t have an email address attached to a company domain.
Do-it-yourself website builders can be great for starting your first web site. There are many companies to choose from including Microsoft Office Live, Network Solutions, and Register.com, and they are so easy to use. New website builder 350Pages offers integrated ecommerce functions, site templates. photo and graphics editor, and a WYSIWYG interface so that you can see what the site looks like as you’re editing it.
If you want what your competition has (or better) you should consider hiring a web site designer (see Who Needs a Web Designer Nowadays?). Once you need advanced features and functionality or want a non-templated look, you’ll likely find that hiring an expert is way easier.
Here’s a video with tips on building a website from Jennifer Shaheen at Technology Therapy Group.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com

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  1. MattL

    Great post…there are also more dynamic applications on the market that allow small business to build dynamic, flash-based web sites like Wix (www.wix.com).

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