Save While You Grow with an Outsourced Telephone System

phonekeypad.jpgAs companies look for ways to work smarter, many are considering outsourcing different business functions, including their phone systems. Using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) telephone solution that utilizes VoIP technology can be a big money saver for small businesses. It can remove geography as a barrier to hiring desirable employees, allow employees to work remotely, and reduce equipment expenses.
For example, marketing company FutureNow is based in New York but has employees and clients in six other states. As they have grown they have needed more and more workstations equipped with phones and internet access, with their employees moving frequently from one location to another. They chose an outsourced VoIP phone system from M5 Networks, which allows them to scale the system easily as staff is added, and is flexible enough for workers to be located anywhere. They also use M5’s M5 Scribe service which transcribes voicemails to emails, allowing employees to read their voice messages when they are traveling out of the office.