Why Telecommuting Is Beneficial to Your Business

telecommuting.jpgTelecommuting, if done properly, can be a great way to:

  • Retain employees who otherwise you would not be able to hire
  • Reduce office lease expenses
  • Provide flexibility to employees who need it and you want to keep

Technology can play a big role in the success, or lack thereof, of your telecommuting strategy. Of course, before you even think of what technology you need, you must focus on the overall policies for a telecommunication strategy that best fits your business needs.
Business Week writes Telecommuting, or “teleworking” in consultantspeak, is growing among small businesses. “We are seeing more small companies than ever before embrace this,” says Mike Williams, director of programs and employer services at the Atlanta-based nonprofit Clean Air Campaign, which helps companies set up telecommuting programs. The number of people working away from the office at least once a month has been growing at about 10% annually for several years, hitting 35 million this year, according to WorldatWork, an association for human resource professionals. About 12% of employees at companies with 21 to 100 people sometimes work remotely, according to a 2008 survey by technology company CDW.