Archive of December 2008

Search Engine Strategy: How Will Customers Find You in 2009?

We talk often about the importance of having a “good website”, whether you build something simple yourself or have a complex one built by a pro. But the greatest site in the world doesn’t generate much business if potential customers can’t find it. Don’t forget to include search engine optimization in your marketing plan. We […]

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Hold a Videoconference Inside Your Email

Online and video communication continues to grow in popularity for both personal and business use. Skype VoIP phone service has been around for a while, and they also now offer video conferencing. Google has now entered the ring with their recently launched voice and video chat for Gmail, which allows users to chat for free […]

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Where are Your Next Customers?

Small businesses are known for their flexibility and capacity to move quickly on new opportunities. Rather than focusing on the dismal economic news we get bombarded with every day, many companies are taking advantage of the weaker US dollar and the increased buying power of international customers. While the internet essentially puts the entire world […]

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