Are You Doing All You Can to Secure Customer Data?

combination lock.jpgKeeping sensitive customer data safe should be a top priority for companies. A security breach can have you facing the loss of those customers, a damaged reputation and possible financial liability. While there are some industry standards like PCI DSS to regulate credit card payments, there are other ways that businesses can minimize risk.

a merchant solution provider, is offering a free white paper titled “The Data Dilemma: The Value of Secure Transaction Solutions” to educate companies about the risks they face and how they can minimize those risks. (We recently covered their MicroSecure Card Reader here.)
“Merchants conduct business today in a world fraught with regulation, security risks, and criminals intent on stealing their data transactions,” said Greg Pesci, ProPay Executive Vice President of Business Strategy. “We are pleased to offer this white paper to merchants throughout the country to help them identify problems and minimize their risks while still easily conducting transactions with their business customers.”
The Data Dilemma: The Value of Secure Transaction Solutions can be downloaded at the company’s website
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,
photo: iowa_spirit_walker