Calculating The Benefits Of A Dcoument Management Solution

Thumbnail image for paperstack.jpgIdeally, a document management solution means that you rely less on in influx of paper, manual storage options and faxing and more on digital document management. While paper might still come in to your office, your document management solution ensures that as much of it as possible is digitized and accessible through a mouse click.
Part of document management is not just digitizing paper documents, but its also about managing document workflow, including, as needed, digital signatures.
Andrew Bailey, president, Cabinet NG, a leading document management solution specifically designed for smaller businesses, has just completed a whitepaper entitled, “Document Management Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis“.
If you are not sure if a document management solution is really for you or worth the investment have a read through the analysis and benefits of document management.
The paper reads Simply put, a document management solution is a system that can replace not only the paper files and documents in an office, but enable the user to send an electronic document through the same steps a paper document or file would follow. For instance, if a financial services firm has a new account form that is filled out for each client account and it must proceed from the agent to the trader and then to accounting, then a document management system must provide the same path. So a true management system not only provides storage, but must provide the same workflow capabilities. Along the way it must also protect documents so that only the necessary people can view them. An example, might be a medical clinic which must comply with HIPAA regulations. Patient records must be kept confidential and an audit trail kept for all record access. An EDMS is a step up from the point solutions like spreadsheets and word processors as the entire office must be capable of using them. Therefore they must be easy and straightforward to use and ideally would integrate with other applications the office is already using with a minimum of effort.