Add Intelligence To Your Online Customer Chat

moxichat.jpgChat technology, as a way to answer customer questions online is not new. Many companies effectively use a blend of phone, email and chat technologies to answer questions quickly and how they (the customer) want them answered.
For smaller businesses, you might not have the resources to have a human staff your chat service all the time or even for most of the day. However, if you want the best of both worlds – chat and intelligence – you can consider using a service that use programmable scripts to answer customer questions.
For example, maybe a customer types, what is your mailing address or return policies, your chat system can return a link to the directions of your company or a link to your company return policies. Of course a computer can never replace the effectiveness of a human, but you might gain one more customer based on having chat that’s automated as opposed to no chat at all.
“Short of cloning yourself, MoxieChat’s self-service chat technology is a small-business owner’s answer to being everywhere and everyone at once. At a time when we especially don’t want to miss sales opportunities, MoxieChat is available 24/7,” said Glenn Russell, UpSellit CEO and president. “A business owner operating online doesn’t have the luxury of hanging a ‘Back in 15’ sign or stocking shelves while answering customers’ questions. MoxieChat gives small businesses the extra hand they need—virtually.”
SitePal’s avatar’s also have an artificial intelligence component that enable the avatars to interact with live customers. Rather than just a pretty face saying a canned presentation, the SitePal’s AI avatars can ask questions, answer questions and give relevant answers.