Combining Payroll Services and Accounting Software For Less Headache

Most every business, has an accounting program, whether it’s Sage’s PeachTree, Microsoft Accounting or Intuit’s QuickBooks. An accounting program at the very least lets you manage your cash flow, know how much money you have in the bank, provides details of how you are spending money and so much more.
As your business grows, you’ll find that you need to hire employees. Paying those employees and ensuring they are paid properly is vital to your business’ growth. Making mistakes with payroll is not simply bad business but can bring unwelcome inquiry from the IRS – problems that no business wants to deal with.
You could outsource your payroll to your accountant or bookkeeping, or you could use one of the many good outsourced payroll solutions such as ADP. However, sometimes the best things in life are right near you.
Look no further than your accounting software for help. A few weeks ago, Sage Software announced the availability of Peachtree Payroll with Accounting. The bundle is available at retail and is designed for start-ups that need to quickly set up their payroll, and for existing small businesses that do not have an automated system, are outsourcing payroll, or have separate payroll and accounting. The software bundle includes Peachtree Select Payroll, Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009, and six months’ free support to help small businesses quickly and easily automate their finances and payroll, while maintaining control of payroll activities in house all in one integrated solution.
Peachtree Payroll with Accounting is priced at $299.99.
If you use QuickBooks check out this link. If you have Microsoft Accounting, check out this link.