Credit Cards and Holidays: Safely Store Your Customer’s Data

microsecurecardreader.jpgThe bad thing about being a big retailer is that all the criminals know you are a sure place to find credit card data to steal. The good thing about being a big retailer is that you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on security measures to reduce the chance that your customer’s data can be stolen. However, no matter how secure a retailer is, invariably too large a percentage of credit card sales are fraudulent.
For smaller businesses, who must also process credit card transactions, the ramifications of thieves stealing credit card data are even bigger. Stolen credit card data can put you out of business, cause customers to not buy from you and could possibly give you significant legal trouble.
One solution is to ensure that when you store credit card data, especially when on the road, you ensure the data is security stored and encrypted from the moment the credit card is swiped.
ProPay’s MicroSecure Card Reader, includes a patent pending process wherein the credit or debit card information is encrypted at swipe and stored in coded form for later processing or being transmitted and processed real-time through ProPay’s secure virtual terminal from any Internet-connected PC. The cost is $99 plus a $5 a monthly fee.
Using the MicroSecure card reader will not only enhance your security but will also speed up your ordering process.
Whether you use MicroSecure’s card reader, or not, it’s so important to protect your computer network, ensure your data is backed up, even use 3M privacy filters to ensure prying eyes don’t peak at your data.