CRM: When You Don’t Want Too Much And Don’t Want Too Little

circledog.jpgI often write about CRM using the example of After a few clicks, knows a little about you and can guide your future purchases based on the past purchases of others and so much more.
A robust CRM tool, like, InfusionCRM, SalesLogix, Sage CRM, Microsoft CRM and so many others is designed to help you get the most out of each customer.
However, sometimes you don’t need a complex CRM application. You just want to manage your relationships, be given a little help to manage your customers, sales and marketing.
I’ve taken a look at CircleDog and it looks quite promising. Simple, enough to learn quickly, yet powerful enough to be useful – boost productivity, boost sales, save time and enhance one’s overall business.
It’s features include enabling you to manage your contact. For example, you can show relationships between contacts, creating your own social network.
Marketing to your customers is important and CircleDog helps you send out an email campaign, or print paper letters & envelopes. Either way CircleDog can help you track and manage your outbound mailing.
CircleDog goes beyond contacts and also helps you manage sales, track leads, track who your contacts work with, who their colleagues are, and what relationships they have.
I have not tried out CircleDog first hand, but from what i can tell it’s a tool that you should try out.
I know many of you like 37Signals HighRise, which is probably similar to CircleDog. For those of you who find ACT! or Goldmine a bit too much – you might want to check out CircleDog.