Data Backup Onsite AND Offsite – Not Either/Or

i365logo.jpgOf course we know that all of our readers are backing up their data, whether it’s onsite or online. (Right?)
i365 Inc., which is owned by Seagate and offers online backup and recovery solutions, just introduced the EVault Express Recovery appliance. It’s a backup device that can be stored on-premise or at a remote or branch office as an enhancement to its EVault online backup and recovery service.
The neat aspect of this tool is that it stores data onsite and offsite – many backup solutions do one or the other. Offsite is great in case something happens to your office because your data is backed up, but onsite is great as the speed of recovery is faster. This combination delivers the best of both worlds.

The EVault Express Recovery appliance provides LAN-speed backups and restores and sends data to the onsite vault, then automatically replicates it to an offsite vault at one of i365’s seven secure SAS 70 Type II data centers in North America, ensuring both faster restores as well as offsite protection. In the event the appliance is unavailable, backups are seamlessly redirected to the offsite data center.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,