eCommerce: What If Your Product Is Not So Simple?

big-ticket-ecommerce.jpgSelling online is pretty easy. You upload your products to a shopping cart. Customers click what they want and buy – and that’s pretty much it. However, if your products are not just simple widgets, skirts, brushes or shoes your online sales process is going to have to be different.
According to author and eCommerce expert Bob Regnerus, real estate agents, contractors and financial planners, selling big-ticket items and services online warrants a unique approach. Utilizing proven methods outlined in his new book “Big Ticket eCommerce” (Innovation Press, 2008), he reveals how to sell high-priced products and services using the internet.
Based on extensive testing, case studies and client experiences, the Big Ticket eCommerce system is geared toward executives and owners of brick-and-mortar businesses looking to increase prospects online.
“Not everything in this world can or should be crammed into some type of online catalog tied to an electronic shopping cart,” says Regnerus, “The last time I needed major dental work, I didn’t have the option of clicking on a banner ad that promised ‘Buy one tooth, get the other free.’
Selling online is not hard, but as my friends at FutureNow Inc say, you need to turn ‘browsers into buyers”.
Take a look at the local shoe store selling shoes for $9.99. Then take a look at a shoe store selling heels at $349 each. Two different look, feels and sales approaches. When selling online, the experience is similar. Selling a simple “1-2-3 click” item is not the same as selling an expensive or complex product or services.
This is how you must think of your online sales. If you are “just selling” in a standard shopping cart, you’re probably not selling as much as you could by considering the Big Ticket eCommerce system approach to sales.