Gadget: Turn Your Cell Phone Into A WiFi Access Point

wmwifirouter.pngI try not to cover too many “gadgets” in this space but from time to time there’s some really neat software or hardware that can make your work life much better – especially in an emergency. For example, I have a pretty neat assortment of wires, adapters, USB drives and a Flip camera (I love it) in my bag. I don’t use them all, all the time, but once in a while all of these gizmos have come in handy at some point.
Today I want to bring your attention to the WiFi Router.
This software, only for Windows mobile phones with WiFi access turns your cell phone into an access point.
Let’s say you need to get some work done on your computer, need internet access and you are in a spot with no access to the Internet.
Using the WMWifirouter you could access your cell phone (and allow others to access it as well) just as they would a WiFi connection in the airport or somewhere else.
Sure, you could use Bluetooth or some other connectivity option to connect your phone to your notebook and access the Internet through your phone. With this option, however, you and others could connect to the phone via WiFi. Undoubtedly the connection will be slow, but you would get the job done.
Check out a trial version and see if you want to buy a version for yourself. Cost is about $30.