Hold a Videoconference Inside Your Email

gmailchat.pngOnline and video communication continues to grow in popularity for both personal and business use. Skype VoIP phone service has been around for a while, and they also now offer video conferencing. Google has now entered the ring with their recently launched voice and video chat for Gmail, which allows users to chat for free from within Gmail.
While both services only require a software download and a web cam, the Gmail chat is interesting because it lets you talk without opening up a separate application. You just select the contact you want to call from within your mail. If the other person doesn’t have a webcam, they can chat in voice-only mode, or you can have a one-way video chat.
It used to be that a web cam was a novelty, but it’s becoming a common built-in feature on notebook computers. Having one less gadget to plug in (and buy) makes it even easier to connect via video.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com