Tip: Updating Your Smartphone Software Could Solve A Lot of Tech Problems

This information is REAL short but REAL important.
I wondered why my Treo 700wx (Verizon Wirless) kept crashing. I figured maybe I need more memory (that’s what one guy told me at SMB Nation), so I bought memory card.
Things did appear a bit faster – but the smartphone kept crashing.
For example, when I would try to connect to my Jawbone wireless headset during a call the phone would lock up.
Yesterday, I stopped by a Verizon Wireless store and the tech told me that I should update the operating system of my phone. Well I’m doing it now and it’s updating EVERYTHING. We’ll see if that works. Even if it doesn’t, ask your local tech about updating the software of all your mobile devices.
I’m sure your computer’s operating system is regularly update – right?