If You’re Buying a New Computer, Bundle Up

bundleup.jpgJust as consumers bundle up for winter, they need to think about bundling up the correct accessories for a new computer. Whether you’re buying a computer for yourself or as a gift this season, don’t forget the essential accessories. If it is a gift and you are not giving any of the peripheral items, you may at least want to provide the receiver a list of important things they’ll need.
Printers – should be a key component of any tech purchase. Having a computer with no printer is like riding a bus with no seats. It works for a short time, but eventually you need to sit down (and print).
Monitor/screen – large flat screen monitors have become very affordable, plus they save a lot of space and boost productivity.
Security – at the VERY least make sure you have an anti-virus software package and firewall like Symantec or McAfee.
Backup – is a perfect bundled accessory with a new computer. It might not be as exciting as the new computer itself, but it will ensure that the new owner’s files will be protected. Online backup services like Carbonite keep your data safe offsite and there are tons of choices for local hard drive backup.
Multi-media creation accessories – digital camera, video recorder, and a microphone are good options as well. If you’re buying a notebook computer you might consider getting one with a webcam built in.