Is It Time For A Makeover For Your Web Site? YES!

You’ve heard it from me a dozen and one times, you’ve heard it from some of your truly honest friends 83 times and now I’m telling you again – it’s time to consider a web site refreshment.
As you consider the web site refreshment you should seek the opinion of experts, customers and others to see how your web site functions through their eyes, with their mice, on their computer screens.
Think about the people who are the focus of TV makeovers. How different do they look? Overall do you observe how their lives are changed. Their new house, their new hair style – whatever it is – they are changed and the end result is not just a better feeling but also a new way of live.
Your web site is definitely the face of your company, and no matter if its chock full of information or simply a digital brochure I’m sure it could use a refreshment.
How can you get it done?
If you want your web site to look its best, to function at the highest level and to have the least frustration ask a professional web developer to do it for you. Depending on the size and complexity of your web site you should expect to spend no less than $2,000 – $5,000. For very complex web sites, you should expect to spend a lot more.
Questions to ask and things to consider?
What do you want your web site to do?

  • Get people to pick up the phone can call you?
  • Encourage sales right online?
  • Fill in a form so a sales person can follow up?

These and more questions you should consider when building your web site. If your web developer does not interview you they’re probably not a web developer you should work with.

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If you don’t have a web designer to help you, check out (you can find many professionals who do contract work). Also check with your Internet Service Provider on custom web design services they offer.
For example’s Dream Web Site Experts can help you design a web site and recently showcased three of the web sites they did a makeover for:,,
Click here to see a before and after image of the web site.
You might also want to check out Network Solutions, and Homestead (owned by Intuit) – all sponsors of the Fourth Annual Small Business Summit