Make Conference Calls Easily from Your iPhone

Thumbnail image for iphone.jpgWhen the iPhone first came out, it seemed like more of a toy than a business tool. I know several people who got one just for personal use (because it’s so cool) and still used a Blackberry for business. However, according to Q3 research by Canalys, Apple has overtaken RIM as the second largest shipper of smartphones, second only to Nokia. Analysts debate whether this lead will hold after the release of the new Blackberry Storm, but more and more users are adopting the iPhone for business use.
Meanwhile developers have been flocking to the iPhone, creating applications that are strengthening its standing as a serious business tool. There is a flurry of new apps to save time and boost productivity.
For example, the Smart Conference Call App from Ifbyphone lets users initiate conference calls from their iPhones on the go or in advance. To start an instant conference call, users create a group of recipients from the contacts in their iPhone address books and tap “schedule conference”. The app makes the outbound calls to all participants, so there’s no waiting for callers to dial in or fumble with codes.
Smart Conference Call is free to download on the iTunes App Store and includes 100 free minutes of conference calling per month, with an option to upgrade for additional minutes. It is the second iPhone app from Ifbyphone, joining its popular Voice Broadcast app. Both are available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and users can share contact groups between the two Ifbyphone apps.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,