Milk & Cookies – Your PC Vendor & Services

milk-cookies.jpgHow someone can have warm, soft cookies with water is beyond me. Cookies need milk, or at the very least, coffee or tea to be properly eaten. The two compliment one another. It’s like having pizza with no sauce or a train with no fare.
How does this relate to technology and your business?
PC vendors and their partners are not only selling “just computers and peripherals”, but will sell a variety of complimentary product and services to boost their revenues and offer you the opportunity to buy more of what you need from one place. Like Radio Shack.
Service providers, such as NetSuite‘s recent deal with HP, want to expand their footprint and PC vendors want to be able to offer more products to sell to their customers. Buying 20 computers and 2 servers is good – but it’s basically a one time transaction (not including support contracts). Selling a 10 user license of NetSuite is recurring revenue and keeps the reseller visible to the customer in an ongoing relationship.
HP’s 15,000 resellers will begin to resell or at least refer NetSuite to their customers. The press release reads, HP and NetSuite have developed a referral-based program for HP channel partners. In addition, partners can offer new value-added management and implementation services related to the NetSuite Software offerings as part of their Total Care product and services portfolio. The HP Total Care Program simplifies IT challenges, providing before, during and after- purchase support which enables SMB customers to focus on managing their business.
What does this mean for your business?
After you sign the contract with your reseller to buy computers and support, he might also pitch you on buying other services from him as well. One thing to note. Some resellers are only referring you and you actually buy and have the service implement from someone else. Other resellers can actually implement and support what they are recommending.
Sure you could purchase NetSuite or any other product on your own or work with another reseller. The advantage of programs like this are that your reseller has a financial incentive to support you and you can get more of your technology through one person.