CabinetNG: Easier Access to Shared Documents via the Web

Document management and data security are critically important as more companies embrace nontraditional office setups like telecommuting, virtual offices and virtual teams. There are many tools available to help companies manage documents and improve workflow, from straight file sharing tools to elaborate collaboration platforms with social media components.
CabinetNG offers a document management and sharing solution for small businesses called CNG-Safe that allows users to access shared documents from within Windows-based software applications using a special widget called Retriever. Faxes, scanned documents, and other file formats can be tracked and stored. Administrators can control content access rights at the user, “cabinet”, folder, and document level.
Building on the CNG-Safe system, CabinetNG recently announced an extension of their service called CNG-WEB, which lets users access shared documents from anywhere using a standard web browser. Since there is no software to install, so it makes it easy for traveling or remote workers to access documents easily and securely.
CNG-WEB is .net, SQL and IIS compatible, so it works with most networks. Existing Cabinet NG customers with Concurrent, Named and View-only licenses can purchase CNG-WEB and work on line without buying additional licenses. Web-View license bundles support logging in through a browser and viewing authorized documents are available in 5 and 10 user packs.
The web-based access also makes it easier for companies using the CabinetNG platform to collaborate with clients and partners outside of their company network.
“The flexibility CNG-WEB brings Finance 500 is a refreshing windfall Cabinet NG brought to an already powerful system. Accessing documents from anywhere let’s staff be productive regardless if they are in the office or not. In addition, now we simply tell clients where to point their browser so they can access and review documents at will, without loading additional software,” said Daniel Carlson, IT Director of Finance 500, Inc.