Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

gears.jpgOne reason larger companies are able to grow successfully is because they have systems in place that automate many of their core functions. For smaller businesses, marketing, building customer loyalty, and engaging prospective customers are challenging tasks. It’s not because these things are inherently difficult, but it takes time and manpower – resources that small businesses are often short on . Automating the process means that you can go about running your business while you have a system in place to build relationships with current customers and potential new ones.
Infusionsoft is one vendor offering a system that enables small businesses to automate their marketing. They just announced an update to their Automated Follow-Up Marketing solution, which consists of tools to automate business processes from marketing, contact management, and e-commerce to billing and accounting. The updated version includes features to make their service even faster and easier: streamlined menus for faster navigation, and a separate setup menu that dramatically shortens the time it takes new users to get up and running.
Since the software is accessed via the web, existing Infusionsoft customers will receive the upgrade automatically – which a nice feature of SaaS solutions in general.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com