Sometimes No-Frills is Just the Ticket

eMD620-5777.gifAs you know, we’re all for buying quality technology and treating it as an investment in your business. When cash is flowing freely, buying a $1,500 notebook computer with all the necessary (to you, of course) bells, whistles, and support options is optimal.
However, if money is tight and you NEED a notebook for yourself or employees, a cheaper notebook may be your best option. And if you need to buy 3 or 10 notebooks, then saving $1,000 per computer is pretty appealing.
If you’re a regular reader then you already know Ramon would probably recommend an HP, Dell, or Lenovo notebook, however a lower-priced model from another vendor like eMachines can be a practical alternative.
eMachines recently introduced the eMD620-5777 model, which has basics including a full 1GB of DDR2 memory, a fast AMD Athlon™ 2650e processor, 14.1-inch widescreen display, 160GB hard drive, DVD player and 802.11b/g WiFi. It’s sold by Best Buy with an MSRP of just $429.99.
As always, it’s a decision best discussed first with your local technology consultant.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,