Telephone Systems Are Old Fashioned. Communication Platforms Are In Vogue

panasonic-ncp.jpgMany of us have grown up using traditional, often PBX based telephone systems. These are pretty basic phones with very few options other than voice mail. We know that larger businesses have phone systems with advanced features but often times these more advanced phone systems have been priced out of the range for smaller businesses.
Recently, Panasonic debuted a new line of telecommunication solutions, Network Communication Platform (NCP) under the Enhanced Communication Solutions (ECP) brand. This brand includes not just a telephone, but integration with Microsoft Outlook, voice mail accessible via PDAs and other devices, chat, presence (who is available), and more.
In reading through the product brochure it appears that this system is definitely worth a look by any business with a growth plan and who knows that telecommunication, access to voice mail and integration with a computer (including mobile) environment is critical.
There are a variety of telephone solutions available for your business. From “virtual” telephone systems from Gotvmail, RingCentral and OneBox, to do it yourself telephone systems such as Microsoft Response Point and more robust systems, installed by a consultant that Panasonic has recently released.
When looking for a telephone system, you want a system that not only gives you a dial tone, but one that can grow with your business and have features that can integrate with your current and future business systems. For example, integration with Microsoft Outlook (assuming that is your email system) should be standard. Being able to easily access voicemail anywhere should be expected. Seemless access to your phone and phone system from any web browser should also be possible.