Tell Us: What’s on Your Technology Wish List?

If Santa could visit your business this year, what tech items would be on your list?
Are you lusting after a new touch-screen smartphone? Or perhaps you’re making do with the whole office sharing one printer because the second one finally bit the dust. It doesn’t have to be a hardware item – it could be implementing a software solution like CRM, beefing up network security, or finally starting an email marketing campaign.
gift_bow.jpgMy list is a mix of necessary, practical and don’t-really-need-but-would-love. It includes:
Practical: A second 20″ monitor (yes, two monitors) because I do a tremendous amount of switching back and forth between applications throughout the day, cutting, pasting, and referring to information.
Wish: This HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam notebook – because I just love it.
Sometimes making a list like this is not just an exercise in daydreaming. Small business owners are really good at saving, conserving, and bootstrapping… especially lately. But if it’s something that would really grow your business or improve efficiency, maybe you need to consider taking it off your wish list and putting it on your to-do list.
So tell us, what’s on your list this year?

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,