Twitter: Why It Might Be Time to Consider It For Your Business.

twitter.jpgTwitter is definitely being used by more and more people to keep track of what is most interesting to them. My experience with Twitter has been a love/hate relationship. I’ve had feeds going out to Twitter, for others to follow, for some time, but the feeds I’ve kept track of on Twitter have been on then off as I was being SMSed about so many things not related to business.
Overall Twitter can be a valuable tool for business – if used properly. O’Relly has recently published a report on the topic Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution: Communication, Connections, and Immediacy–140 Characters at a Time.
This 54 page PDF touches on:

  • Best practices for micro-messaging in business
  • Pitfalls to avoid in this instant, very public medium
  • New methods for customer service and quick market research
  • How micro-messaging can help you reduce email and eliminate unproductive meetings

There’s many ways you can get information to a particular audience.

  • Customized software that sends SMS messages to cell phones
  • Service you pay for that sends SMS messages to cell phones
  • Fax (J2 Global Fax blast is pretty decent) – for only the most dated customers or industries
  • RSS – your audience gets a feed instantly into their web browsers or email
  • Podcast – let them hear YOUR voice in their head phones
  • Email….too much?
  • Web Sites….too old?

There’s no perfect solution, but it’s all about what solution works best for you, your company, your employees (who might have to implement or manage the solution) and most importantly the audience you want to reach (be it certain customers or even a group of employees).
Twitter makes it easy, especially for those of you already have blogs to “ping” that audience every time your web site is update. Once you set up your account and configure your blog to post straight to your Twitter account, the rest is automatic. From you to their cell phone in seconds.