Upgrade Your Document Management System without Breaking the Bank

kodak.pngAlthough scanning is not as interesting as mobile computer or security, scanning gives many businesses, especially those relying on paper, the efficiency of a digitized office while still being able to use paper documents.
Scanning solutions are comprised of two parts – the hardware (the scanner) and the software, which is actually the most important part of the solution as this determines how well the documents are imaged, how they are managed, and more.
Kodak’s newest version of their Capture Pro Software v.1.1 offers a cost-effective twist on scanning and document management. It is compatible with both Kodak and non-Kodak scanners, so users can integrate hardware from different brands through a single user interface without having to buy all new equipment to support their document management solution. According to a Kodak spokesperson, Capture Pro v. 1.1 will support approximately 150 models from third party manufacturers.

A multimedia training program, available in most local languages, provides out of the box set up that helps users quickly learn to use Capture Pro’s features, including Kodak’s “scan-to” function that allows for sending electronic documents to emails, PDFs and other applications. Other automated capabilities, including batch monitoring, thumbnail viewing and selective image display, streamline how captured documents are organized, identified and enhanced.
Enhanced KODAK Service and Support offers businesses a central, reliable source for consultation on training, setup and application development for Capture Pro Software users. Service and Support also provides support for many of the third party manufacturer scanners that can be used with Capture Pro software. Multi-year contracts for Software Update and Support Assurance are available, ranging from 12 months to 36 months.

Kodak Capture Pro Software v. 1.1 is currently available from Kodak in Europe and is expected to release in the US in early 2009 through authorized resellers, starting at US $499.00.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com