What Else Can Your Desktop Do for You?

laptopchairs.jpgPCs of 10 years ago were all about brute force. Now, all PCs are pretty much the same and the aspect of speeds and feeds is not so much a deciding factor anymore when choosing between vendors.
However, what does differentiate many computers is the range of added value service options and features on the computer, like its green-ness, user support, and overall operating cost for the life of the machine.
For example Dell’s latest line of commercial desktop computers, OptiPlex, is touting:

  • up to 43 percent less power consumption to reduce energy costs
  • more recyclable packaging plus post-consumer recycled plastic in the product itself on some models
  • remote system maintenance with Dell ProSupport options
  • improved security including full disk encryption, solid state drives, improved chassis intrusion prevention, Dell Control Point security management and smart card authentication

According to Dell the OptiPlex models can cut ownership costs by 30 percent and automate 90 percent of routine maintenance.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com