When Light Computing and Global Connectivity Is A Must: Product Review

hpelitebook2530p.jpgI’m writing this post on HP’s EliteBook 2530p. The 12.1″ screen and 3.0lb notebook pack in several features including a built in DVD drive, 2 USB ports, embedded video camera and a light to light up your keyboard or just some reading material.
HP’s EliteBook 2530p includes an ambient light sensor which detects when you are in low light settings and can make do with less light on the computer display.
Although I personally find very small notebooks a bit too small for me (and HP does make a range of notebooks for all tastes), for the travelling executive who MUST have their laptop with them, but also MUST pack as light as possible, they’ll be quite happy with HP’s EliteBook. 2530p. HP’s business notebooks are arrange with letter w, p, b and s..
In this case the “p” stands for performance computing and the performance and the features HP packs into this small device (see my opening paragraph) are indeed performance worthy.

In addition to the features I’ve listed above, HP’s p series of notebooks also come with a rugged design, ensuring your keyboard is as tough as a mobile warrior must be.
For example, HP’s “DuraKey” protected keyboard. After months and months of typing on the keyboard, moisture, buttered fingers and other things we do to wear on our keyboards, the letters are sometimes hard to read. However, with HP’s DuraKey keyboard there is a clear coating over the letters and and this makes the keybqard 50 times more resistant to visible wear.
HP’s done quite a bit to protect both the outside hardware of the computer and your data The notebook has been hardened and resists scratches (this includes scratches on the outside and the LCD screen itself).
Earlier this morning I was struggling to get a flat tired fixed. With all my might I simply could not get the nuts loose to replace the tire. I called AAA. Within minutes they were at my car (in the parking lot of a local store) and had helped me replace the tires.
HP’s Total Access support service is like having AAA for your computer. Depending on what level of service you buy, HP will be able to repair just about anything that goes wrong with your computer. The little blurb on the HP Total Access web site reads Together with our network of partners, HP offers valuable services, tips and tools like easy financing, drivers & downloads, free online classes, support, and recycling. It’s more value for your business and we call it Total Care.
HP’s embedded the EliteBook 2530p with HP Protect Tools Security Manager software. This software includes a package of features designed to protect your data. For example, the “file sanitizer” tools allow you to VERY securely ensure any files you delete on your notebook are really deleted. Just hitting the delete button on your computer does not delete files, it just makes space for other files. Someone with the right knowledge can read files you thought were “deleted”. Using tools like “file sanitizer” you’ll be sure your files are deleted. Although HP’s Protect Tools are not necessarily unique tools – you can download tools with similar features for free on the Internet or buy them from a local retail store. What’s nice, however, is that HP has included these powerful tools on its notebooks.
Embedded in the EliteBook 2530p is Gobi technology from Qualcom. Maybe WiFi is not available where you are at – in the US or around the world. Using the included Gobi GSM or CDMA wireless technology you can be wirelessly connected, for a fee, from just about any location in the world. Since the antenna is built into your notebook you don’t need to worry about losing it or breaking it. Read more about Gobi here.
The controls for volume control, help, wireless connectivity, presentations and the mouse touch pad are embedded on a thin plastic control strip. Instead of raised buttons there’s buttons similar to a microwave oven touch pad. This looks nice, but I found that having buttons that click and are a bit raised would have been a bit better. When working on an ultra-portable computer, some things must suffer – like keyboard placement. The main surface area of HP’s EliteBook types quite well – it’s a full sized keyboard. However, keys like page up, page down, home, end, insert nd delete are quite small and placed in a row at the top right of the keyboard. This is not the end of the world but a minor inconvenience that one can get used to.
Overall HP’s EliteBook 2530 is an excellent machine for any mobile executive. The hardened exterior has major (like magnesium alloy) protective features, that meet the military standards (MIL-STD 810F) for high/low temperatures and dust. The built in software continues the protective physical shield to the bits and bytes of your data.