When Power Point Alone Won’t Do And Your Voice Is A Must.

brainshark.jpgBy the age of 17 just about everyone in the world of business or education has seen a Microsoft Power Point presentation. In fact, the age is probably lower if you include all the little kids whose teachers subject them to it.
We use Power Point in Sunday School, Boy Scout meetings, PTA meetings, contract negotiations, sales presentations and of course in corporate boardrooms. Most of these uses are to use Power Point to accompany a presentation by a live human being.
What do you do, however, when you email someone a Power Point and you can’t be there to give them the presentation and when a web meeting won’t do due to scheduling conflicts?
I’ve just seen a quick demo of Brainshark which takes a “traditional” PowerPoint presentation and let’s you add your voice to it – with multi-media content. Not only can you create a presentation, hosted by Brainshark, but as with an email marketing campaign, you can also track who has viewed the presentation, how long they watched and more.
Brainshark is not the most revolutionary product on the market (I guess that still belongs to the BlackBerry Storm now). But if you want to clearly communicate to a customer (or hundreds of customers) and are not able to do so “live”, or want to make a “pre-presentation” that they can watch at their leisure, Brainshark’s presentation software can help.
Hearing your voice and viewing a presentation is much better than the customer (or whoever you are sending the presentation to) manually flipping through 40 Power Point slides on their own.