Your Data Is Not Equal. Stop Treating It Like It Is.

imbalance.jpgThink about all the data we create over a 5 day period. Digital photos. Images from friends. PDFs, Word documents. Audio files. Email attachments.
Although much of the data is “important” to one degree or another – all of the data does not have the same importance.
You might have a folder of PDS and word documents that you create once, need to archive but don’t really need to look at ever again. Maybe you have another folder that is absolutely critical and you refer to its contents on a daily basis.
Data is like an investment strategy. Some parts of your money you need in CDs, others in bonds and others in stocks. It’s all money but stored in a variety of locations.
For example, i365, Inc., A Seagate Company recently expanded its line of EVault Data Protection solutions to enable customers to meet a wide range of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) that best suit their business requirements. These solutions address different needs for file, application, server and site recovery, and offer customers the choice of attached, virtual, onsite or remote solutions with the flexibility to choose software, Software as a Service (SaaS) or a managed service deployment.
The expanded solutions include EVault Real Time Protection, for up to the minute protection of mission critical systems, and EVault System Restore, for fast and easy recovery of a failed system, are integrated to provide customers with a single pass server/data recovery. EVault Remote Disaster Recovery is a DR warm site for guided recovery and virtual access to mission critical servers in the event of a site disaster.
Although all of your data is important, and you don’t want your storage needs to get too complex it is important to work with a local technology consultant to ensure that your data is safe and the variety of data you have is properly secured. Those pictures you have of the company picnic are not as important nor need to be as accessible as last weeks sales data.
Also keep in mind that although storage costs are relatively cheap, different storage options have varying costs and if your data is exploding you want to ensure that each gigabyte of storage space you are using is of the highest value – price and best solution.