Archive of January 2009

When More Than Accounting Is Needed For Your Growing Business

Small businesses are not all the same. Some are very small and can do just fine with minimal accounting and business management solutions. Others are much bigger, and require technology to help them better manage their complex infrastructure. This complexity can include manufacturing, accounting, payroll, marketing, CRM, sales and other components. Software that can integrate […]

Three Tools Mobile Warriors Want Now

When you first opened your Smartphone and took it right from the fresh, “new smelling” box (or from the plastic sandwich bag from the friend you bought it used from) it was a tool for speaking, basic scheduling and contacts. However, over time, some of you have found that you could do so much more […]

Speed up Your Sales Cycle with Digital Signatures

Most companies today use the internet to conduct at least some part of their business. We’ve become accustomed to the speed of online communication and the resulting instant gratification. Even our phone messages and faxes can come through email now. But when it comes to signing contracts and closing deals, many of us stick to […]

When Backup, Remote Access and Syncing Mashup

Every business professional works differently and needs and uses different tools. I know some people who love Magic Jack’s virtual telephone line, while other people rely on mobile wireless broadband. There are so many tools available to make a busy professional’s life easier and more productive. The world of file sharing and backup has birthed […]