Changing Printer Toner Doesn’t Have To Be Messy

When the toner runs out of the printer in your office do you run to change it or do you cringe, shaking at your desk, just hoping some other poor soul has to change it before you do?
A new Zogby survey, commissioned by Xerox, of more than 2,000 office workers across the U.S. aimed to better understand some of the reasons behind office printing habits. Of those surveyed, more than 1,000 respondents said they have experienced a mess when changing a printer/copier toner cartridge.
The mess, plus a lack of knowledge on how to change a printer cartridge, is why more than 10 percent of respondents typically put off printing until someone else changes the toner cartridges.
solidinkcartridge.jpgXerox’s Solid Ink printers and MFPs don’t use traditional toner cartridges but little non-toxic crayon looking solid ink cartridge. Users simply unwrap the recycled packaging and place the stick into slots on the top of the device (This can be done even while the machine is on). The packaging goes into the office recycle bin, and the ink sticks are melted and sprayed onto a drum, which is rolled and pressed onto the paper for crisp, vibrant prints.
There’s no toner to shake. No plastic to rip apart. Learn more about solid ink cartridges here.

2 thoughts on “Changing Printer Toner Doesn’t Have To Be Messy

  1. Miles Technologies

    It is great to hear that the solid ink cartridges are using recycled packaging. Another way to make your business more eco-friendly is by using technology to reduce, or eliminate, paper in your office. We have helped businesses with paperless office solutions for faxing and document management that save time, money, and environmental resources.

  2. Cheap Ink

    These are really cool. Last I checked the printers were around 24 grand, but if you have a business that can handle that expense it certainly has some benefits in the long term.

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