Enhancing the Food Ordering Experience: Lessons for All Industries

My family frequently goes to restaurants. We like IHOP, TGI Friday’s, Chinese Food, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Pizza Hut, Indian food, Italian food and dozens of others. However, one common aspect of our dining experience is the sometimes long waits to be seated, long waits to order, long waits to order more and long waits to receive our check at the conclusion of the meal.
There just has to be a way that technology can help speed up the transaction of ordering while giving waiters more time to assist with what to order and actually delivering and catering to our needs. The technology could also help management better manage and anticipate incoming orders and overall customer needs.
I just saw a demo of DineBlast Mobile, created by SoftTouch LCC and it is indeed quite impressive.
You use your mobile device to connect to all the food service/ordering options you need to at the restaurant. Benefits to the restaurant owner and customers are quite clear:

  • Enhance Table Service – unlike traditional quick-service restaurants, patrons can order food directly from their table instead of having to wait in line.
  • Place orders to-go – with curbside ordering, users are a few clicks from receiving their meal without ever leaving the car.
  • Place “My Favorite Orders” – users can save their favorite or most repeated orders for quick ordering and pick up. Now with one-touch ordering, a morning or lunch ritual can be completed even faster!
  • Provide Customer Crucial Feedback – users have the ability to complete customer feedback surveys in order to provide restaurants with valuable diner experiences.

What can you learn from this technology, even If you DO NOT have a restaurant? Technology can be used to enhance customer service and productivity of every industry and business process. Maybe you are in construction, farming, real estate, law, whatever – a technology solution can help you boost productivity and enhance the relationship you have with customers.
In addition to just making the transaction easier, technology can be used to GIVE YOU BACK MORE TIME so you can have more time to talk with customers, shake their hand and build a so very important relationship with them.
DineBlast’s technology is for restaurants. But guess what, you can apply the technology to any industry.

One thought on “Enhancing the Food Ordering Experience: Lessons for All Industries

  1. SuS

    I hate this idea. I hate restaurants where I have to seat myself, place my own order, serve my own drinks, and cook my own food.
    Of course this technology saves the restauranteur time – the customer has to be their own waitstaff. It excuses the restaurant from actually providing the level of service I’m entitled to. It probably also allows the restaurant owner to get by with fewer employees, which hurts too.
    I’m sure this is exactly where the industry is going – after all, we pump our own gas, bag our own groceries, and do our banking at a machine instead being helped by a human, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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