Faster PC Bootup: Make Your PC Start Up Fast Like Your Cell Phone

race.jpgI leave my computer in standby mode most all of the time, so when I open the lid on my computer it takes about 2 – 3 seconds to come to life. However, when my computer is turned on from an “off” position as I know many of you do turn your computers, off it can take several minutes for the computer to fully boot up.
However, when you turn on your cell phone, television or microwave these devices only take a few seconds (at most to start up). Since your computer relies on Windows to “boot up” the process takes much longer. Windows is like some of the women on “The Bachelor” – takes a long time to get ready, high maintenance and complicated.
A new technology from Phoenix Technologies Ltd, the same computer that makes so many computer BIOS chips, has a new system, HyperSpace that promises to revolutionize the computing experience for many. Instead of booting to Windows your computer first boots to HyperSpace. When in HyperSpace mode you have access to the Internet.

There are other technologies built into notebooks, but these “instant on” technologies force you to have to use the “instant on” system OR Windows. With HyperSpace, once Windows is finally fully loaded you can toggle back and borth between Windows and HyperSpace.
Some other benefits of HyperSpace, other than faster boot time is that you get extended battery life (Phoenix claims a 30% boost in battery life) and stronger security. HyperSpace is walled off and protected from viruses, malware and other external threats like keyboard loggers and phishing sites. Crashes won’t end your browsing session. Continue safely surfing the Web, checking e-mail or watching that YouTube video even if a rogue application attacks and disables Windows.
Cost: $60 for the version that let’s you use Windows and HyperSpace (toggle between the two) or $40 for the version that lets you only use one operating system at a time.
If you’re looking for a new and possibly better experience in computing, download a free trial of HyperSpace.