Find Personal Identify Information Before Hackers Do

identityfinger.gifThink about all the information stored on your computer hard disks. Now think about all the personal information you send during the course of business to vendors, clients, employees and others. Much of it first starts on your computer in the form of an email, web site form, PDF, Word document or something else.
This is the kind of information hackers love to find on personal computers – by hacking your Internet connection and snooping through your computer or even by accessing your hard disk once the computer is thrown out. It’s like digital dumpster diving.
Identify Finder specializes in finding personal information that would be tempting for hackers: maiden name, password, social security number, credit card numbers, bank accounts and so much more.
It’s pretty simple to use. According to the demo, you tell the software what to find, where to find it (web sites, email, attachments, etc) and Identity Finder goes off and finds the relevant information. Once it’s found you can delete the information, encrypt it and more.
You can try out a free version of the product before you buy it. Costs: $25 and up – from home to professional to enterprise.