For The Ultimate Mobile Warrior: Docking Station Productivity

One of the small pains that notebook users go through is the daily inconvenience of plugging and unplugging the many wires and mobile devices snaking into their notebook computers. When setting up for the day there is the external mouse, scanner, printer (all USB), network cable (unless you’re going wireless) and maybe even a few more gadgets that you need to connect to – let’s not forget that beautiful 19″ monitor.
What makes the entire process much easier for notebook users is a good docking station. Instead of users having to use a desktop PC at the office and notebook at home and worry about file synchronization, having ONE notebook for everywhere makes things much easier.
To eliminate the hassle of plugging and unplugging cables a docking station is the way to go. Toshiba’s dynadock U is a powerful and universal (not just for Toshiba notebooks) docking station.

One USB cable connects to your notebook computer and a small appliance connects to all your other devices.

  • Link to all your accessories via one cable connection to your laptop
  • Built-in video card to support an additional DVI or VGA monitor
  • View up to three displays at a time
  • Built-in sounds card supports up to 7.1 surround sound digital audio
  • Offers 4 Plug-and-Play USB ports in the back
  • 2 easy access front Sleep-and-Charge ports
  • Unique vertical space-saving design
  • Works with any Windows®-based PC
  • Most robust universal docking station available today

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