Going for the EyeBalls: Creating Your Own Browser Tool Bar (Customer Retention and Loyalty)

Where do the eyes of most desk bound office workers go during the day?

  • Looking at their web browsers
  • Looking at their email
  • Insanely pecking on their BlackBerries

Besides meetings (and looking at boring Power Point slides) many business people’s eyeballs are glued to a computer screen, and most of the time the computer screen has a web browser opened.
What are we doing? Searching for things on the Internet, shopping, reading the news of the day, working on corporate hosted applications, checking our Facebook pages and more.
While email marketing, blogs, cost per click, and search engine optimization are good strategies for attracting and keeping customers, there’s one more thing you might not have considered: Creating your own browser tool bar.
Conduit, a 3 year old company with headquarters in Israel and Silicon Valley, enables online publishers and retailers to create their own tool bars, which are integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. Imagine that every time your customer (or reader) uses their browser your message and branding is in front of their eyes.
“Our toolbar works best for us when we think of it as a community-builder. We now view our customers as potential community members and so we use our toolbar to share specials and promotions that we think will appeal to their interest in our brand and the golf industry – not just what they might want to buy next”, said Gary Colabuono, marketing director, Incredible Technologies. “To that end, we put our Golden Blab customer forum and user game stats on the toolbar. We also put the Golden Tee YouTube channel on it where users can post video of their best golf shots.”

‘With the grim spending outlook at hand, our objective is to help retailers and related business owners to take maximum advantage of the new relationships forged over the holiday season,” said Adam Boyden, president of Conduit. “Now more than ever, transforming one-time buyers to repeat customers is very important; building a Conduit powered community toolbar is a free, easy way for businesses to engage these new customers and encourage them to return again and again.”
Having a customized web browser is not for every business. If you don’t have content and are not willing to invest the time and resources to develop content for your tool bar (such as pushing surveys, podcasts and other digital candy) to your audience, you’ll be wasting your time. Even though the tool bar is free.
On the other hand, if you are a retailer wanting to BOOST sales, a browser tool bar is the digital equivalent to the coupons in store aisles. If you are a service provider (law, accounting, marketing, etc) you can use a browser tool bar to build a stronger relationship with your prospective and current customers.