Big Budget Video on a Not-So-Big Budget

film.jpgGone are the days where small companies were shut out of video (i.e., TV) advertising. YouTube and other video sharing sites have given small businesses a platform to distribute video alongside their biggest competitors, and even very small companies are becoming more sophisticated with their video production.
However, a boring homemade video of the CEO just talking against a plain white background isn’t too compelling. What options are there beyond the do-it-yourself level but below big-budget film production?
Companies like StudioNow and TurnHere provide an online platform for creating and enhancing videos. They both use a virtual network of professional filmmakers and editors to keep costs much lower than traditional film production while keeping the quality of the work high. For instance, StudioNow reports that only one in every five editors that apply to be in their network are accepted.

TurnHere recently announced announced a new service geared toward small and mid-sized companies called the Voiceover Video package. It includes custom, professionally shot on-site video footage of your business with a professional voiceover. Rather than relying on stock footage you end up with a professionally produced piece that features your actual product, location, or staff, etc. The voiceover component could also be appealing to business owners who aren’t comfortable being on camera.
StudioNow hosts customer videos on their website and also can help with distribution by automatically pushing them to Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, MySpace and other sites.
TurnHere also offers tips on how to create online video that works – which includes making it authentic, engaging, and shareable.
So if you’re considering adding video to your marketing mix, there are definitely options that aren’t cheesy but won’t break the bank.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,