Looking for Professional Video Production: It’s Easier Than You Think

video-camera-man.jpgAs the growth of online video continues companies are going to look for video that’s better than what they can produce on their own. I’ve been using Ustream.com, The Flip video camera and other tools to produce a variety of multi-media “pieces”.
However, nothing beats the video done by a professional video expert. Pulling together a team to produce the perfect video for your company can be a daunting task. How do you evaluate the video production team and take care of the small details that need to be attended to?
One online service, StudioNow, can help. StudioNow brings together a network of local videography experts and can arrange for editing, voice overs and animation. Of course free lance services like Elance.com are also useful services for finding free lance video services.
The next time you are looking to create a compelling video and don’t have the expertise in house, you now have at least 2 options for finding that perfect videographer.
Once your video is created, you can look to Blip.tv, Vimeo, Youtube or Brightcove (fee based) to host your video.