NetBooks: Understand Before Buying To Save Disappointment Later

Netbooksdell-mini-notebook.jpg, the mini-notebooks produced by a number of PC vendors, are being returned to retails in larger numbers than is expected. The reason these notebooks are being returned in higher numbers, says an industry veteran is because consumers (and businesses) buying them are not buying them for the right reason.
The notebooks are not made to be a main notebook but to be supplement to a traditional notebook computer and/or smartphone. writes that another reason for the returns is the ergonomics of the smaller netbook, which usually has an eight to 10-inch screen instead of the 14- or 15-inch minimum for laptops and a corresponding small keyboard. After a few hours of Web surfing, that gets uncomfortable. A secondary problem is that netbooks don’t have the right audience – yet.
What about you?
Are you looking at the price tag of $300 for a NetBook vs $500 – $1,500 for a traditional notebook and thinking hmm…I can save money buying a NetBook? Don’t.
When considering if you need a netbook for your business – you want to buy one if you need to do occasional web browsing, email or document writing editing on the road and want something VERY light but more powerful than a smartphone. That’s it.
NetBook processors are not built for processor intensive, multi program computing. Someone told me they can watch videos on their Dell NetBook just fine but if you want to play games or run data intensive programs you probably want to look into a fuller size notebook.
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2 thoughts on “NetBooks: Understand Before Buying To Save Disappointment Later

  1. Jeff

    Right now they are practically giving away laptops Ive seen some as low as $450, only about $100 above a higher end netbook. At multiple office supply and electronics chains

  2. Digital Diva

    I completely agree. I did a lot of research on the netbooks over the holidays. I was looking for a secondary system (would be carrying both) so a netbook seemed to fit the bill. After comparing all of the specs and considering my usage, I ended up with an Ultraportable instead. The price tag was much higher than the typical laptop (you’re truly paying for smaller size and lighter weight), but it was well worth it. Even though I just needed something to compliment my primary laptop today, I still run pretty powerful programs and my use may change in the future.

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