Online Accounting and Business Management: Simple, Feature Rich & Online

A good accounting program is the foundation of just about every business that wants to be successful. If you can’t manage your finances (cash flow, invoices, purchase orders, payroll, etc) you can’t manage your business.
It is important to be able to see deep insight into your business ensure the proper growth of your business. To get a properly view of your business you need an integrated solution and one of the limitations of some accounting systems is that they do not offer an integrated solution. For example, while the businesses web site is doing e-ecommerce, the point of sale solution is storing data somewhere else and neither of these systems are connect to the accounting system.
What’s important, especially for businesses that have a multiple streams of financial activity, need a system that can handle all aspects of a growing business and bring the various components together.
Klix Online has an easy to use interface and offers a range of features which bring together the various aspects of a businesses operations.
Klix’s press release reads The versatile Klix Online accounting system is designed to help businesses save time and money by delivering the affordability and ease-of-use demanded by small businesses, while providing the versatility and enterprise-class feature set to support larger businesses such as small chain stores or organizations with multiple geographically-separated offices. Utilizing an intuitive, graphical interface and activity flow diagram, users can set up the complete accounting system and optional Web store and point-of-sale modules in as little as 45 minutes.

What does it cost?
Klix Online supports an unlimited amount of users on each account, enabling companies to pay as they grow with a flat subscription rate of $29 per month per user. The Webstore application is a flat rate of $49 per month and the point-of-sale support is $19 per concurrent terminal use per month in addition to the Klix Online subscription cost.
What about the competition
I asked a Klix spokesperson to speak those of you using Intuit’s QuickBooks. It’s the leading accounting program on the market and Klix competes with it, in addition to NetSuite and similar accounting solutions.
Klix brings all of the popular features of Quickbooks to the SMB in the form of SaaS. Klix is easy to use and navigate and is designed specifically for the SMB owner. You don’t have to be an accountant or a tech expert to use Klix. Because the service is completely web-based, the business owner does not have to worry about any IT issues or backing up information. Klix provides added versatility and flexibility with registered users able to access the service securely through any web browser. The many updates required by Quickbooks can also get very expensive while Klix users never have to worry if they are using the most updated version. Klix is also scalable with the ability to add as many users as needed at a very affordable price.
Beyond what Quickbooks offers, Klix also provides webstore and POS functionality so that members are able to establish an internet store with all payments made through Paypal and all transactions linked to Klix Online.
We like to think of Klix as positioned between Quickbooks and Netsuite. Klix is comparable to Quickbooks but provides much more added value being that it is Internet-based, more cost-efficient and offers additional functionality. Netsuite is very expensive and designed with enterprise companies in mind while offering features and functionality that many SMBs don’t have use for.

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