Tech Tool: Web Design (Rombla) and Work Mngmt (SmartSheet)

Periodically comes across another web design tool, project management service, iPhone application or gadget. We don’t want to be a source of every gadget and gizmo on the planet – that’s what Cnet and Engadget are for.
But at the same time we do want to ensure you are aware of cool and useful new technologies and services.
From time to time we’ll do a very quick post on a useful tool(s) and entitle the post “Tech Tool”
Rombla: Discover a visual website builder powerful enough for designers and easy enough for small businesses to use. Share fully editable sites and collaborate on content and style. Rombla competes with dozens of other online web design services, include Microsoft Office Live, Homestead,, Network Solutions and more.

SmartSheet: Smartsheet is the low-cost, work management and collaboration tool for tracking any kind of work. Capture tasks, share files, and discuss projects with colleagues and clients. People you invite require no training and pay nothing.