Three Tools Mobile Warriors Want Now

When you first opened your Smartphone and took it right from the fresh, “new smelling” box (or from the plastic sandwich bag from the friend you bought it used from) it was a tool for speaking, basic scheduling and contacts.
However, over time, some of you have found that you could do so much more with the device as you found good software to make it a powerful productivity tool. One great resource for finding software is Handango.
Some software you might want to consider, to enhance the mobile warrior within you is listed below:
WorldMate – Removing stress and paperwork from the travel experience, WorldMate Live is a free service that turns your mobile device into a personal travel companion, providing road warriors all the travel services they need at home, work or on the go. The company’s flagship product, WorldMate Live, tracks every aspect of a trip and sends real-time “push” alerts about itinerary updates and changes, including flight delays and cancellations. Additional features include travel resources, such as flight schedules, weather forecasts, travel directories, maps, world clocks, a currency converter and much more.
DineBlast Mobile – A portable tool for Wi-Fi enabled smartphones that optimizes the fluidity and efficiency of business lunches and dinners. DineBlast Mobile allows restaurant diners to open a guest check, order drinks and food, and pay for their meal all with their mobile phone and without ever speaking to a server. DineBlast can even store your favorite menu selections and payment information for a one-touch dining experience.
RideCharge – A new level of convenience to business travelers scheduling taxi services. RideCharge technology gets rid of paper receipts, allows travelers to find reliable service in unfamiliar cities, and helps streamline ground transportation costs. You can book reliable vehicles that are tracked electronically to deliver patent pending ‘where’s my car’ messages directly to your mobile phone, in real time. The trips are automatically inserted into your itinerary and the resulting charge is automatically captured and added to your expense report. You even pay for your rides with your mobile phone by electronically sending charges to your corporate card, so you don’t have to carry cash and never have to track paper receipts again.
Check out my article in New York Enterprise Report about how to do more with your Smartphone.

One thought on “Three Tools Mobile Warriors Want Now

  1. Don V

    Hm, interesting. I have booked taxis with Ridecharge (which is practically my best friend on business trips) and also used DineBlast (not a bad service that will improve as more restaurants accept it…I wish Yelp would offer some kind of functionality like this. Maybe they can partner up. You listening, guys?), but I’ve never heard of World Mate. I like the idea of getting flight schedules, and updates, that’s for sure…anyone out there know how well it works? Any bugs, etc?

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