Top Ten Technology Trends for Small Businesses – 2009

If you’re interested in what trends you should be looking at for 2009, check out the exclusive article I wrote for Small Business Trends.
Every year two things happen in the world of technology overall and especially in the world of small businesses.
1. Technology remains the same (cell phones, computers, web browsers – ho hum)
2. Technology evolves and gets better (think iPhone, Netbooks, Google’s Chrome – match them to the list above)
What this means for your business is that if you want your business to grow through leveraging technology you simply can not continue to rely on the same old technology you have always used.
For example, the 10 notebook computers you purchased 3 or 4 years ago, for your sales team, might be quite functional. However, new and more powerful software, better and more wireless options and smaller notebooks are now available and could dramatically boost the productivity of your team.
What are the top 10 technology trends you need to be on the lookout for in 2009, for your small business? Let’s take a look:
Read the full article here.

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