Turn Your PC Into a Cash Register

CR+.jpgUpgrading from a mechanical cash register to a point of sale system doesn’t need to cost small retailers a fortune.
Quickbooks Cash Register Plus enables retailers to ring up sales and process credit cards directly from a PC. It creates a cash register-like interface that can be used with a touch screen monitor, receipt printer and credit card swiper so there is no need for a separate credit/debit card terminal. The system gives you the capability to process returns and gift cards or certificates, and track customer information and preferences. You can also import your existing customer data so that your full database is in one place, easily searchable and ready to be exported for mailings. Naturally, the system integrates with Quickbooks accounting software for easy reconciling.

This video shows the simple setup process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFIJEf-0eiE
Intuit has also released a new version of its Point of Sale software, which has been enhanced to include better inventory management and reporting, plus the ability to manage up to 20 stores and workstations from one location. It also allows integration of a retailer’s brick and mortar stores with its ecommerce store via its Storefront software, so sales and inventory tracking and reporting is all in once place.
The Cash Register Plus software and Point of Sale software can be purchased as standalone or with a hardware bundle that includes all the pieces needed to turn a PC into a cash register, including a receipt printer, cash drawer and credit card swipe. Pricing for Cash Register Plus software is $299, and $799 with hardware bundle. Point of Sale starts at $799 for the basic version and goes up to $1,599 for the multi-store version.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com