When Backup, Remote Access and Syncing Mashup

Every business professional works differently and needs and uses different tools. I know some people who love Magic Jack’s virtual telephone line, while other people rely on mobile wireless broadband. There are so many tools available to make a busy professional’s life easier and more productive.
The world of file sharing and backup has birthed a number of innovating technologies for sharing files with others and keeping your data secure. I use Carbonite to backup my data through the Internet. Drop.io, HP Upline, and YouSendIt.com are powerful tools for sharing files.
syncplicity.jpgFor those of who you use multiple computers and would like to have your files on one computer available on another computer there are a variety of tools to help you synchronize the information. One of these tools is Syncplicity

The description from their web site reads Syncplicity is effortless synchronization, backup, and sharing. Install it on one computer and all your important documents, photos, and music are backed up online, complete with remote access and aversion history. Install it on additional computers and Syncplicity will synchronize your files — your important files will be wherever you are.
Work on a presentation at home, hit save, and it’ll be waiting for you at work. With sharing, it’s a walk in the park to collaborate with colleagues or to share your high-res photos with your friends.

There’s a free version which stores 2GB of data and a $10 a month version which stores 50GB of data.
Syncplicity not only helps you synchronize files but it also enables you to easily share files with others and it backs up your data.

3 thoughts on “When Backup, Remote Access and Syncing Mashup

  1. Robert Epstein

    Syncplicity sound very similar to Microsoft’s Live Mesh.
    This allows all your files to be kept in sync between multiple computers and also into the Web (with 5GB of storage)
    It also allows you to take over your other computers remotely and work on them as if you were sitting in front of them.
    New features due soon will allow access from Macs and even from Windows Smartphones.
    No cost either!

  2. ITonCommand

    ITonCommands hosted Window desktop solution is even more seamless. All of your data, applications, email etc. resides on ITonCommand’s servers, safely located in start-of-the-art data center facilities. So, small and medium sized businesses don’t need servers. Microsoft Office Standard Edition licensing is included, so you don’t have to purchase licenses or upgrades. And, you have remote access to your entire corporate network from anywhere without having to install software on multiple machines. With today’s current economic environment, businesses are looking for ways to save money and streamline operations. Well, imagine paying a low, monthly subscription fee per user, instead of buying servers, upgrading software, and maintaining IT infrastructure? You can reduce or eliminate the need for in-house IT while getting the IT you need to run your business.

  3. tomdupon

    I would like to add NomaDesk to this list. Full disclosure: I work for NomaDesk.

    NomaDesk is a 4-in-1 solution, offering storage, sharing, backup and data protection. NomaDesk is targeted towards small businesses. We do focus on the security of the data, since we are convinced that the more computers are connected to a shared source, the more likely it is that the data will get compromised. Therefore, NomaDesk includes an encrypted virtual drive that keeps your files securely available off-line and remote file shredding and IP-tracking with TheftGuard.

    Feel free to download the free trial on http://www.nomadesk.com.
    I would appreciate your review / comments.

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