Why Are You Missing Out On Cost Per Click Advertising?

ecommerce-computer-money.jpgSadly, there will continue to be a technology gap between those businesses that see value in using technology as a tool to grow their businesses and those who do not. Those who leverage technology – be it mobile, wireless, hosted applications or online marketing will continue to boost their sales and enhance customer loyalty more than their competition.
A recent survey showed that 60% of businesses with web sites are not taking advantage of cost per click marketing. Cost per click marketing is very easy to implement and has a very low risk. If no one clicks on your advertisements you don’t pay for it.
Of course you want people to click and buy, but this type of advertising is much more cost effective for a small business than buying a print, TV or even radio advertisement. You instantly measure the effectiveness of your advertisement.
microsoft-advertising.jpgIn the survey, sponsored by Microsoft AdCenter Surprisingly, seven in 10 small-business owners who participated revealed that they would rather try to do their own taxes than start a paid search marketing campaign.
Online advertising on one hand is easy to do – you simply go online, select your keywords, create the text of your advertisement (or now you can use video or images in some cases), select where your advertisement will run, enter your payment information and that’s about it.
The more complex part of the advertisement include:
Measuring the results of your advertising campaign
Optimizing your keywords
Tweaking the text of your advertisement
Creating and optimizing your landing page(s) – the resulting page that people see once they click on your advertisement.
Cost per click (CPC) advertising is not just for search engines but Facebook and other sites offer CPC advertising solutions as well. Also keep in mind LOCAL advertising. If you are a local florist, mechanic, plumber, accountant, designer – whatever – there are many local people who want your services but just need to know you are there. They are NOT using the Yellow Pages anymore. They are using their mice.
Check out Microsoft, Google, Ask.com

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    Great information! Businesses who are not taking advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising are losing out on a significant portion of potential customers. As a provider of business technology solutions (including Pay Per Click Advertising) many of our customers are business owners who want to take advantage of a Pay Per Click campaign, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to do it on their own.

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