Your Body and Notebooks: The Two Are Not Naturally Made For Each Other

Notebook computers are increasingly being used as replacements for desktop computers. They are light weight, enable more mobility and take up less space on the desk. One problem with using notebooks, especially on a constant basis, is that notebooks are not designed for our bodies.
In a recent Wall Street Journal article Dr. Norman Marcus, a muscle-pain specialist in New York City, writes Laptops are inherently unergonomic–unless you’re 2 feet tall.
If you are using a lop top month after month and year after year you should setup your workspace for maximum comfort so that you take care of your body while computing. The article gives the following suggestions:

  • Get a laptop stand to get the keyboard higher
  • Use an external keyboard that slopes away from you
  • A keyboard tray puts it at elbow level
  • An external mouse increases comfort

These are just a few ways to make your daily computing experience not just more comfortable but also healthier for your body overall.
As an owner of a business or technology adviser you have an obligation to ensure your employees and/or those you are consulting do not just have the technology they need but that they also are using it in comfort and health.
Although the cost of using a notebook will go up if you ensure everyone has the right chair, desk and lighting, the investment you make now will go far in ensuring your employees work better next week and in 3 – 5 years.
As I write this article my keyboard is on a table too high….hmmm….I guess I need to consider reorientating my own work environment.